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About Us

When your computer crashes it is an immediate crisis in your business or your home. Austin PC Repair understands you need your data back, you need your system up and running, and you want it all done as fast as possible and for a competitive price. Whatever the troube is with your computer, we can take care of it. Austin PC Repair has been serving the Austin area for over 10 years. Is your computer on the fritz? Austin PC Repair can tackle all sorts of computer related problems such as internet connection problems, hardware issues, OS reloads, basic repair and many more. Call us now if you're having trouble with your PC.
Austin PC Repair is an industry leader in Computer Data Recovery. Whether your hard drive has crashed or you have accidentally deleted your critical files, we are there to help youin these desperate times to retrieve your data through our hard drive recovery services. We have the most advanced technology in data recovery to retrieve data from any media type or operating system.

Are you in need of a business network setup? Or perhaps a home network setup? Austin PC Repair can handle this as well. We will send one of our capable employees to your location to set up any kind of network system you have in mind. Don't go through the headache of doing this yourself. Let one of our professionals handle it.

There's nothing worse than getting a virus on one or more of your machines. Viruses can delete your data or cause serious issues when trying to use your system. If you've recently gotten a virus on your system call us and we'll run a quick diagnostic test and kill that virus fast!
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